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Understanding Why Modern Medical Website Development Is Important

Website development refers to the process of creating and maintaining a website, encompassing aspects such as web design, content creation, and coding. It’s the technical groundwork that ensures a website is functional, user-friendly, and meets the objectives of its owner or users.

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In an ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, medical practices must keep up with or even be ahead of the curve when it comes to website development in order to stay in front of their ideal patient base. This means using search engine-optimized coding practices and website structure, as well as harnessing the latest technologies and development techniques. Fast load times and mobile responsive design should be prioritized, as should updated, secure hosting environments.

Our Comprehensive Healthcare Web Development Services

At Thunderhead Marketing, we offer custom medical website development services that are designed to accommodate the unique needs of your healthcare practice. We craft eye-catching medical website designs that are easy to navigate and built to perform at the highest level. Whether you have a website that needs a refreshing new look and feel or your practice is starting from scratch, we can help.

New Custom Websites

Build a powerful online presence and find the patients who need your services with our custom medical website design services. We will deliver a clean, modern medical website design built from the ground up using the latest best practices in navigation and layout to prioritize both performance and usability.

Well-placed contact forms make it easy for potential patients to reach out. High quality, relevant content demonstrates your experience and skill in your specialty. Search engine optimization makes it easier for potential patients to find you.

Web development technology and design aesthetics change constantly. A website that was state-of-the-art even 5 years ago is already at least 2 years outdated.

Our medical website redesign services can give your practice new life on the web, reflecting current design aesthetics and enhancing performance. Content should be updated for any changes in your practice as well as to improve SEO to compete with current standards. The design and coding should be optimized for mobile to give users a seamless experience on all devices.

Website Redesigns

Re-Creating Websites

We have seen many unfortunate cases over the years in which clients are unable to gain access to their website to move or change it.

We can help by re-creating the website through a combination of coding from scratch, scraping web pages, and programmatic development. This is also a great time for us to clean up issues that the original site had.

Have design files ready for your envisioned website? Whether sourced from a template or crafted by a professional designer, we can seamlessly convert them into a fully operational website, all while preserving the authentic branding of your medical practice.

Developing from Existing Design File

Install Pre-built Templates

Using pre-designed templates can significantly save time and expenses, as they often include ready-to-use design and code files.

We can tailor these templates to align with your medical practice’s branding and populate them with content that highlights your healthcare services.

We design and develop website landing pages that are optimized to generate leads from potential patients. These pages include a compelling design and clear call-to-action buttons to increase conversions.

Landing Pages

Mobile Responsive Website Development

Is your site optimized for only some desktop displays? Provide a consistent user experience on all devices with mobile-responsive development. Tailor your medical website to various screen dimensions and resolutions, enhancing its usability and legibility.

Elevate your position in search results with a design that’s both mobile-optimized and boasts quick load times.

Develop specialized microsites to appeal to a broader audience within particular specialties or locales. Employ concise content, streamlined navigation, and SEO strategies for heightened digital prominence. Skillfully crafted microsites can widen your patient reach by honing in on specific market segments.


Website Maintenance

It’s vital to consistently refresh and oversee your medical practice website to keep it current, secure, and running smoothly. By monitoring for inactive links, antiquated content, and lagging load speeds, you guarantee an uninterrupted user journey.

Periodically infusing your site with new, relevant content not only positions you above competitors but also appeals to potential patients. Always remember to emphasize web security through consistent upkeep and upgrades.

A website shouldn’t just look good, it should also work well and work fast. Responsive design and optimized performance allow for faster loading and better user experience. It’s important to keep track of how your site is performing by using analytics tools to analyze user behavior and discover where improvements are needed.

Performance Optimization

Our Medical Website Designs

Check out some of our recent work for Healthcare Website Designs.

Elements Needed for High Quality Medical Website Development

Stunning Design

A clean, modern and professional website design leaves a strong impression and instills confidence in potential patients. By providing a flawless user experience, you can keep visitors on your site for longer, increasing the potential for converting a visitor to a lead. A design customized to your brand with your ideal patients in mind helps build trust and create a consistent online presence.

Search Engine Optimized Code

Search engine optimization starts with development. When a website is coded in a way that is search engine-friendly, it will enjoy higher rankings and be more visible to potential patients. This includes streamlined code that incorporates header tags, meta descriptions and alt tags.

Functions Well on a Variety of Browsers & Devices

A great medical website should work smoothly on all devices and browsers. When building your site, we think about how it looks and functions on popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, as well as different devices such as desktops, tablets and smartphones. It’s all about giving everyone the best experience, no matter their screen size or the device they’re using. After all, the more people who can easily access and navigate your site, the better.

Secure Hosting Platform

It’s essential to have secure hosting to safeguard patient information and shield your website from potential threats like hacks, spam, and malware.

Fast Load Time

A speedy website is key to retaining visitors’ attention and stopping them from navigating away due to impatience. Streamlining images, cutting down on plugins, and implementing caching can boost your site’s loading time. Not only does a fast-loading site enhance user satisfaction, but it also boosts your position in search results. It’s vital to consistently check and fine-tune your site’s speed for peak performance.

Optimized Mobile Experience

Having a website that’s mobile-friendly is key to connecting with a broader audience. With responsive design, your site looks great no matter the device. People on the go want quick loading and straightforward navigation, which a mobile-optimized site delivers. Plus, being mobile-friendly can boost your spot in search results and ramp up user interactions and conversions.

Content Management Systems (CMS) & Website Builders

Popular CMS platforms like WordPress and website builders like Elementor offer immense value. But any seasoned web developer will tell you that they’re not all cut from the same cloth. While they bring ease and functionality, they can sometimes hamper performance and SEO. It’s vital to ensure these tools are utilized in ways that benefit both search engines and users.

Why Choose Us for Your Website Development Needs?

For more than a decade, we have provided custom web development solutions for a wide range of medical practices, in many different markets. Our medical marketing expertise gives us unique advantage when it comes to knowing the best options to reach your practice’s goals.

Whether a single page website for a Botox campaign, a 5 page microsite for brand new dental practice, or a full-fledged medical practice website for a 26 location, 50+ doctor eye surgery center, we’ve done it all.

We steer clear of one-size-fits-all web development. Why box in your medical practice’s online potential? We consider every possibility to tailor the perfect solution for your needs.





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