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What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Search Ads / Text Ads

Search pay-per-click advertising is a digital marketing tool in which you bid to have your ad show up in Google when someone searches targeted keywords — and you only pay for the clicks that your ad gets. PPC for lawyers is one of the most effective ways to quickly get your law firm’s name in front of your audience with premier placement in search results.

How much you pay for each click depends on what keyword the user typed in that resulted in your ad showing up. For highly competitive keywords that many other law firms are bidding on, the cost per click will be higher.

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Display Ads / Image or Video Ads

Display ads are image and video ads shown to people as they browse websites, apps, and social media.

Law firms can use display ads to promote brand awareness to their target audience at an affordable price. They can be static, animated, or video-based.

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Why Does Your Law Firm Need PPC?

For attorneys, PPC offers the potential for a quicker return on investment than other digital advertising avenues. While search engine optimization (SEO) may take months to get your website at the top of organic Google search results, pay per click can get you there the moment your ads go live.

Legal services are among the most competitive and expensive industries for PPC marketing. Carefully planning and executing your law firm’s PPC campaign, as well as continually monitoring and evaluating key performance metrics, is critical to reaping the benefits of this advertising medium.

  • GET LEADS NOW – Start getting clicks as soon as your ads go live.
  • PRECISION TARGETING – Find people actively searching for attorneys in your practice area and preferred location.
  • CLEAR PERFORMANCE METRICS – Interaction rates, conversion rates, cost-per lead, and other data help determine your firm’s ROI.
  • ADVERTISE ON YOUR SCHEDULE – Decide when your ads run, including turning them off nights and weekends.
  • FLEXIBLE BUDGET OPTIONS – Ads can be run based on daily or monthly spending limits. Pause / Unpause your campaigns at anytime.





Is PPC or SEO Better for Attorneys?

Both SEO and PPC play an important role in law firm marketing. For new law firms or firms who haven’t yet invested in marketing their website, PPC can be particularly valuable for gaining immediate access to an audience looking for your services. On the other hand, SEO is a long-term strategy that will continue to reap rewards long after the work has been done.

While they each have their own strengths, they also complement each other in many ways. Evaluating data from a PPC campaign can inform and guide your SEO efforts by revealing which keywords are more likely to turn into profitable leads. Performance metrics from a PPC campaign can also help narrow down which taglines, information and calls to action resonate with the target audience. These can then be incorporated into key elements of an SEO strategy to improve conversion rates for organic traffic.

Building brand awareness with Pay-Per-Click Display Advertising can have an added benefit of users searching for your firm’s name to go up as well.

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I would gladly recommend Thunderhead Marketing! They transformed our website in to a vital part of our sales efforts. With their help, we have grown from a 2 person law firm to an 8 person firm and have doubled our office space. They tailored a very effective search engine optimization campaign that continually bring us clients each month. They are quick and really care for their clients’ success.
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