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Give Users a Premium Experience. Boost Online Presence. Acquire More Patients. Healthcare website redesigns are essential for any practice that aims to prosper in today’s digital landscape and beyond. The real question isn’t if your healthcare institution will require a website makeover, but when.

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Indeed, the moment might have already arrived for you to give your website a facelift, not just in terms of aesthetics but also in its technical functionality and user-friendliness. Keep reading to discover if a makeover could be a valuable investment for your healthcare institution.

How Often Do Websites Need to Be Redesigned?

Healthcare website design trends are perpetually changing. At the start of each year, our design experts delve into the latest and greatest in website UX, color palettes, typography, animation, usability, and more. With each review, we find a many changes emerge, making it evident how some sites can begin to feel outdated within a span of 3-5 years. Based on our research, the consensus is that a website should ideally undergo a redesign every three years.

Freshen Up Your Website
Without a Comprehensive Redesign

If your site currently reflects outdated design aesthetics, struggles with mobile optimization, or features stale content, it may be a good idea to consider a comprehensive healthcare website redesign. A thorough update, though potentially a greater investment, can significantly enhance your online presence and yield more effective engagement metrics, such as increased inquiries and form submissions.

However, if your website is already functioning optimally and you want to maintain what works efficient, you may only need some strategic, incremental adjustments to freshen up the look and feel. Minor modifications, whether made to specific elements, individual pages, or certain sections, can extend the relevancy and lifespan of your practice’s website.

Our monthly healthcare website maintenance services are tailored to provide these refined enhancements, ensuring your website remains current and efficient. Utilizing sophisticated diagnostic tools, we are equipped to identify and address any minor inconsistencies or inefficiencies in the current design. Our primary objective is to perpetually optimize the site’s performance, drawing insights from consistent data analysis regarding user interactions.

How a Partial Redesign Can Work
for Your Healthcare Website

1. piece-by-piece

  • Freshen up designs for calls-to-action and forms
  • Try new fonts
  • Take updated pictures
  • Modernize colors

2. section-by-section

  • Give the testimonials section a new look
  • Showcase new patient outcomes/stories
  • Improve the main navigation
  • Add or update an e-book
  • Add sticky navigation on both mobile and desktop
  • Add and update credential and awards logos

3. page-by-page

  • Determine which pages perform best and redesign those first
  • Revamp the template for doctor bio pages
  • Overhaul the locations/contact page





What To Consider Before a Healthcare Website Redesign

When undertaking a website redesign for a medical practice, we leverage tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar to gauge user interactions with the existing design. This process allows us to root out the most effective components as well as those that fall short. Through site audits, we identify any technical problems that might hinder optimal search engine performance. Additionally, by conducting a conversion rate optimization review, we strategize ways to transform a greater portion of your website’s current and prospective visitors into leads. Such comprehensive analyses serve as pivotal guidelines for the aesthetics and functionality of your revamped design.

What Goals Does Your Healthcare Practice Have For This Website?

A medical provider website redesign project should be approached with careful consideration. Contemplate what objectives you aim to meet with this redesign. Are you looking to expand your patient base? Target a specific patient demographic? Highlight a particular medical specialty? Project a more contemporary image? Leveraging your website to optimize search traffic is fundamental in SEO for medical providers.

These broad goals are important, but it’s also important to outline specific goals that can be objectively measured, such as:

  • An increase in site visitors
  • Lower bounce rate
  • More conversions
  • Users spending more time on site

What Does a Medical Website Redesign Cost?

If you request quotes from 20 different companies for a website redesign, the odds are good that you’ll find yourself with 20 different dollar amounts. Some may be as low as a few hundred dollars, while others go up to $50,000. Generally speaking, somewhere between these two extremes is where you’ll find the best choice.

There are a number of factors that affect how much it will cost to redesign your website, including how many pages you have, how complicated the design and functionality are, how much of the project is custom, and more. It’s important to have a clear outline of what your budget is and what the cost of the redesign will be before you start.

How Long Do Redesign Projects Take?

Custom healthcare websites: A comprehensive redesign typically spans several months. From the moment you finalize the agreement to the unveiling of the revamped website, a span of 3-6 months is a practical timeframe for most medical practices. For more compact sites catering to smaller practices, the redesign could be achieved in just over a month. Healthcare website development tends to be more time consuming when building a site from a custom design.

Template and semi-custom sites: The reduced time frame for these sites is attributed to utilizing pre-designed and coded templates. If expedited completion is one of your requirements, simpler sites with minimal functionalities can be wrapped up in just over a month.

To speed things up, it’s all about staying in touch with your website redesign crew. If you see an email from them asking for your thoughts on a new design or fresh content, try to hop on it sooner rather than later. Letting those sit can really put the brakes on our momentum together.

Avoid These Redesign Speedbumps

  • Excessive back and forth during the design process
  • Too many people who need to review/approve
  • Putting off review and approval on needed items
  • Delays in receiving content from client (Our clients often hire us to write the new website content to eliminate this issue.)

Template, Semi-Custom, Or Custom Design: Which Should You Choose?

As with most things in life, there are advantages and disadvantages to all of these types of website designs. Here are the pros and cons broken out for each:


For new medical practitioners or clinics on a strict budget, template designs can serve as a solid foundation. Using pre-made website templates is a fine choice for specific needs, like landing pages or small sites for promotional campaigns. If you’re primarily looking for a digital “brochure” without heavy online marketing, templates might be a cost-effective choice. Perhaps you just need a site to feature on your business card, pamphlets, and email footer. Just remember, opting for a template means sticking to its design boundaries.


  • Save Time: A much shorter wait to launch the site.
  • Save Money: Can be much easier on the budget.


  • Code Bloat: May have an excess of unnecessary code that hinders performance.
  • Not Original: You may have competitors out there using the same design template.
  • Fewer Options: Templates may not be flexible enough to accomodate your needs without a lot of customization.
  • Difficult to Crawl: The code may not be designed in a way that makes it easy for search engines to crawl.
  • More Bugs and Errors: Templates are more inclined to break with updates or when adding functionality.


Semi-custom templates have become a popular choice in recent times. Page builders such as Elementor, Divi, Kadence, and others offer a diverse range of templates, each equipped with extensive customization features.


  • Save Time: Less time to wait for site to go live.
  • Cost-efficient: More economical than fully custom designs.
  • Design Adaptability: Offers a good degree of customization, albeit with some constraints.
  • SEO Optimized: Designed with search engine friendliness in mind.


  • Limited Features: Might not offer full flexibility for plugins and added functions.
  • Dense Code: Potential for excessive code, affecting load speeds.
  • Uniform Appearance: Designed for broader use, it might lack the distinctiveness of custom work.


Custom designs may require more time and investment, but they typically deliver precisely what you desire. They offer a one-of-a-kind design crafted exclusively for your practice.


  • Fully Custom: Creates a website distinctly tailored to your practice in both aesthetics and operations.
  • Bespoke Design: Guarantees a design that stands out on the web
  • Optimized Speed: Engineered for ultimate performance.
  • SEO Optimized: Built for search engine compatibility and mobile responsiveness.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works with with the majority of leading plugins.


  • Launch Time: Longer timeframe to get the site live.
  • Higher Cost: Increased expenditure for design and development.
  • Blank Canvas: Starting from nothing means there are no limitations to box you in, but also more decisions to make regarding aesthetics and functionality.

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