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What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

Search Ads / Text Ads

Pay per click for the healthcare industry refers to the paid ads that show up in Google search results. The advertiser bids to have their ad show up when targeted keywords are searched but only pays when their ad is actually clicked on. The cost per click varies based on the keyword. For keywords that get more search volume in highly competitive markets, the cost will be higher.

Pay per click is an important tool to have in your digital marketing campaign because it immediately puts you in front of your audience.

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Display Ads / Image or Video Ads

Display ads, which are a type of ad that includes image or video, are served up to users as they browse the web in a variety of places, including websites, apps and social media feeds.

These ads are an affordable option for doctors and other health care providers to increase brand awareness among their target audience.

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Why Does Your Healthcare Practice Need PPC?

Pay per click advertising carries the potential for a nearly immediate return on investment for doctors and other healthcare facilities when compared to other online marketing strategies. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is an important component of digital advertising, but it can be months before your site reaches page 1 of Google. With pay per click ads, you can be seen on page 1 as soon as your campaign goes live.

Healthcare pay per click can be extremely competitive. A successful campaign requires detailed research, planning and execution. It also requires continuous monitoring key performance metrics and managing your campaign to maximize results.

  • GET LEADS NOW – When your ads go live, you start getting clicks.
  • PRECISION TARGETING – Find the patients who are looking for your services.
  • CLEAR PERFORMANCE METRICS – Interaction rates, conversion rates, cost-per lead, and other data help determine your practice’s ROI.
  • ADVERTISE ON YOUR SCHEDULE – Ads can run on the days/times you decide.
  • FLEXIBLE BUDGET OPTIONS – Budget spending can be adjusted based on daily or monthly limits.





Is PPC or SEO Better for Doctors?

When it comes to healthcare marketing, both pay-per-click and SEO have their benefits. PPC is a great option for businesses that want to generate leads quickly. SEO takes more time to generate results than PPC, but it can be more sustainable and cost-effective in the long run.

By evaluating the data from your PPC campaigns, you can gain valuable insights into which keywords are more likely to convert into new patients. This information can then be used to guide your SEO efforts, helping you to focus on the keywords that are most likely to result in profitability. In addition, by studying the data from your PPC campaigns, you can also learn which taglines and calls to action are most effective at driving conversions. As a result, a little bit of data analysis can go a long way towards making your SEO efforts more successful.

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