About Us

Our Story

We Focus on building Strong Sites That Bring Leads.

Thunderhead Marketing was founded in 2008 during the middle of “The Great Recession”. This was before Smart Phones & Tablets, Instagram, Tik Tok, Influencers, and so many other pieces of the modern web.

We quickly found success with Law Firms and Medical Practices and continue to enjoy successful outcomes for our clients, regardless of global economic situations or global pandemics.

Thunderhead Marketing Through the Years

When we first started building websites, they were just plane Jane css/html sites with no Content Management Systems (CMS) or Mobile Responsive versions. Now every site we build comes with WordPress CMS Integration and is coded to be Search Engine Friendly as well as Mobile Responsive.

Marketing has changed a lot over the years as well:

  • From focusing on keywords & the Google Maps Pack to focusing on useful, quality Content.
  • From old school link building tactics to Social Media management and Content marketing.
  • From fancy Websites with all the bells and whistles to stripped down websites that load fast on all devices.
  • From getting 5 Google Reviews to having a robust Reputation Management process.
  • From a majority of users coming from Desktop Computers to a majority of users coming from Mobile Devices
  • From Google’s Penguin Update, Panda Update, E-A-T Update, and on and on!

Our Website Iterations

Website should always be changing and adapting. These have been our websites through the years. We started out with just a desktop site, then a separate mobile site, and now a fully responsive site.

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