As a lawyer, along with a professional law firm website design, your professional bio is one of the most powerful tools you have to showcase your expertise and attract potential clients. In this blog, we will provide you with key elements to include in a well-crafted attorney bio and showcase some attorney bio examples that do a great job of using these elements.

We analyzed bio page of attorneys from some of the best ranking websites in the most competitive markets, such as New York City, Chicago, Las Angeles, and Houston. We also looked at Personal Injury, Family Law, Corporate law, and Criminal Law firms.

Here are our findings. Get ready to learn from lawyers who are doing website biographies right!

How Important is a Professional Bio for Lawyers?

A well-crafted attorney bio is crucial in establishing trust and credibility with potential clients. This is crucial for a law firm’s Reputation Marketing and Management efforts.

  • It serves as a platform to showcase an attorney’s expertise and experience in specific practice areas.
  • Including personal information and interests can create a more personal connection with clients.
  • A concise and well-organized bio makes it easier for potential clients to find relevant information quickly.
  • Regularly updating and maintaining the bio demonstrates ongoing professional growth.

In fact, attorney bios account for 80 percent of legal website traffic, with 78 percent of in-house counsels relying on them for researching and hiring outside counsel.

7 Key Elements to Include in Your Attorney Bio

When crafting your attorney bio, it’s important to include key elements that will make it stand out and satisfy Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines, which stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. Following these guidelines are good for improving rankings in Google as well as building credibility in the eyes of users viewing your bio online. You don’t need a custom attorney website design to implement these elements. Many web builders and templates will allow you to incorporate these elements into your attorney bio.

1. Demonstrating Your Legal Experience

When it comes to showing your legal experience, be sure to showcase your years of experience and any notable cases or achievements you have had. This will demonstrate your expertise and credibility in the field.

Attorney Ryan Zehl – Showcases his record breaking verdicts and settlements to show experience.

2. Highlighting Your Education and Bar Admissions

By prominently featuring your educational background, including details about your law school, degree, honors, and accolades, you can enhance your credibility with potential clients. Additionally, showcasing your bar admissions highlights your expertise and legal standing in specific jurisdictions. This is particularly important for clients seeking an attorney with specialized knowledge in a particular area. Demonstrating your educational achievements and bar admissions instills trust and confidence in prospective clients.

Attorney Danielle Worthy – Uses an accordion design in the sidebar to bring Education and Bar Admissions higher up on the page. Placing it under her image draws attention to the accordion area.

3. Emphasizing Your Practice Areas

To attract clients seeking specialized legal services, it’s important to highlight your expertise in specific practice areas. By clearly and concisely listing your practice areas, you make it easy for potential clients to identify their legal needs. Showcase your experience and success in handling cases related to your practice areas to build credibility. Utilize client testimonials or case studies to demonstrate your proficiency and results. Additionally, including any additional certifications, awards, or recognition can showcase your knowledge and skills in your practice areas.

Attorney Bill Boyer – Prioritizes showing his “Areas of Focus” over other elements.

Bill’s attorney bio page has a personalized video. It uses space efficiently by having information nested in tabs that above the scroll line. The sidebar is used for contact info.

4. Listing Your Representative Work and Publications

Listing your representative work is a great way to showcase your expertise in specific areas of law. It demonstrates to potential clients that you have successfully handled cases or made landmark decisions in those areas. On the other hand, including publications such as articles, books, or legal journals highlights your thought leadership and knowledge in the field. It shows that you are not just experienced, but also stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Both your representative work and publications contribute to your credibility and position you as an expert in your practice areas.

Attorney Hugh Lambert – Uses an accordion design to showcase his publications and presentations.

Hugh’s attorney bio page uses the sidebar to showcase award and association badges, as well as provide contact information. The page uses accordions well and has a nice mobile responsive design.

5. Including Your Speaking Engagements and Media Appearances

Highlighting your speaking engagements and media appearances is a great way to showcase your expertise and credibility. It’s important to discuss the topics you have spoken on and the media outlets you have appeared in. Emphasize any notable conferences, panels, or events where you have been a featured speaker. Including links or references to articles, interviews, or podcasts where you have provided expert commentary can provide meaningful insight. Demonstrating how your speaking engagements and media appearances align with your practice areas and client needs adds authenticity to your bio.

Lawyer Andrew Weisber – Uses an “As Featured On” section to highlight media appearances.

Andrew’s attorney bio page has a nice design with robust content satisfying all of Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines. It positions important elements high on the page. There is personalization with video and audio.

6. Demonstrating Your Professional Associations and Honors

Highlighting your involvement in professional organizations related to law can showcase your commitment to the field. Mention any memberships or leadership roles you have held, demonstrating your active participation. Including awards and honors received for your outstanding achievements in the legal field further enhances your credentials. Don’t forget to mention any contributions you have made to legal publications or speaking engagements at conferences. If you serve on relevant committees or boards, be sure to mention them as well. Demonstrating your commitment to continuing education by highlighting any certifications or specialized training obtained can also add to your qualifications.

Attorney Scott Krist – Showcases association and award badges high on the page.

Scott’s attorney bio page uses a hero image and has a large amount of content demonstrating Expertise, Experience, Authority, and Trust.

7. Incorporating Personal Qualities to Enhance Trust

Don’t forget to personalize your bio by sharing a bit about your background and what drives your passion for the law. By incorporating personal qualities into your attorney bio, you can enhance trust and establish a genuine connection with potential clients. Highlighting personal achievements and experiences not only showcases your expertise and credibility, but also gives clients a glimpse into your unique perspective. Sharing your personal values and beliefs demonstrates alignment with their needs and priorities, fostering trust and rapport. Showcasing your community involvement and volunteer work further highlights your commitment to service and giving back.

Attorney Tania Rivas – Uses a family photo and family history for personalization.

Attorney Tania Rivas Bio Page

Tania’s attorney bio page has a nice design and is mobile responsive. The sidebar is used to further personalize her page by showing reviews and settlements she has received.

Attorney Laura Sedrish – Uses a quote for personalization.

Laura’s attorney biography page also mentions notable verdicts and settlements to show experience, expertise, and authority.

Attorney Brian White – Uses video for personalization.

Brian’s attorney bio page is easy to skim over to find key information. The sidebar is used to move information up higher on the page.

Neal Davis Law Firm – Uses peer reviews and video for personalization.

Neal’s bio page also does a great job of providing robust content that satisfies Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines. It has a full-width layout with a nice mobile responsive design.

Bonus Tips for Attorney Bios

Make it Responsive For Mobile

These days, mobile traffic usually accounts for at least half of most legal website’s traffic. The design of the website needs to adjust and “respond” to the screen size of the device that is viewing it. For mobile, this usually means stacking the elements so that they can be scrolled vertically. Horizontal scrolling is only for special situations or certain kinds of elements, like photo galleries.

Mobile Responsive sites are also slimmed down versions of the desktop website to help it load quickly on mobile devices. You typically don’t show as many graphics and images on the mobile version. In fact, you may hide an entire element in some circumstances.

Attorney Kurt Arnold – The bio page has a lot of information with many elements that are nicely rearranged and stacked for mobile devices.

Attorney Kurt Arnold Bio Page

Kurt’s attorney bio page is one of the best I’ve seen. The design is clean. The usability is great with the top-aligned anchor links to the key section below. The content is skimmable and covers every aspect of Google E-E-A-T guidelines.

Read more about our Law Firm Mobile Website Design here.

Maintaining and Updating Your Lawyer Bio Regularly

Stay on top of your bio by reviewing it regularly and adding new experiences, accolades, and achievements. Highlight your specialization and practice areas to stand out from the competition. Regular updates demonstrate that you are active in your field and keep your bio relevant and informative. By keeping your bio up to date, you ensure that potential clients perceive you as a professional who pays attention to detail and is dedicated to their needs.

Keep the Design / Layout Simple

When it comes to attorney bios, simplicity is key. Avoid clutter and excessive design elements that can distract from the content. Opt for clear and easy-to-read fonts and colors that enhance readability. Keep the layout clean and organized. It’s important to make sure the bio is easy to navigate and find on the law firm’s website.

Attorney Robert Tsigler – Uses bottom aligned tabs to organize information.

Attorney Robert Tsigler Bio Page

Attorney Kourosh Arami – Uses top aligned tabs to organize information.

Attorney Nathaniel Pitoniak – Uses top aligned tabs to organize information for mobile and desktop.

Attorney Cindy Diggs – Uses accordion design to expand and collapse information.

Cindy’s attorney bio page has a nice mobile responsive design. She uses video and a quote for personalization.

Attorney Sid Davidoff – Uses accordion in sidebar design to expand and collapse information.

Sid’s attorney bio page does a great job of showcasing his media appearances. He also uses a print button for the user’s convenience.

Make it Skimmable

To make your attorney bio easily skimmable, utilize bullet points, headings, and subheadings to break up the text and provide a clear structure. Highlight your key achievements, qualifications, and areas of expertise in a concise manner. By using short paragraphs and sentences, you can enhance readability and make it easier for potential clients to digest the information. Incorporating relevant keywords and phrases will improve search engine optimization (SEO) and help your bio rank higher on Google.

Attorney James Alston– The use of headers and bullet points makes this page easy to visually scan.

Displaying an Individual Attorney’s Contact Info is a Personal Preference

As legal marketers, we love making any sources conversions front and center, so prospective clients can easily contact you. That usually means displaying email, direct phone number, or vCard info above the scroll line of the browser. The problem is, as your bio’s visibility increase, so does the amount of spam your contact info will receive. Many attorneys we work with, prefer to leave their personal contact info off of their bio page because of this issue. A nice compromise is to start with the contact info your are comfortable with and remove it if the spam calls, texts, emails, etc get to be too much.

Attorney Yuriy Moshes – Uses a QR code to easily share contact details with mobile devices.

More Attorney Bio Examples

Attorney Joshua Haid – Uses a fixed image in the left column as the user scrolls up and down.

Attorney Jessica Chang – Uses fixed anchor links in the left column as users scrolls up and down, to help them navigate the page.

Attorney Cayce Peterson

Attorney Domenic Romano

Attorney Craig Rosenbaum

Attorney Lema Barazi

Attorney Robert Lane

Helpful Tools & Resources

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7 Ways to Make Your Attorney Bio Stand Out

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