Most people will need the services of an attorney at some point in their lives. If a person in your area is going through a divorce, creating a will, facing a criminal charge or injured as a result of negligence, will they be able to find your law firm to get the right help? This is where having the right law firm internet marketing plan for the web can pay off big.

Whether your practice is just getting started on the web or you’ve had a web presence for years, there are a variety of online law firm marketing strategies that help you connect with these clients.

1. Get Your Name In Online Directories

There are dozens of online directories that people turn to when looking for services in their area. The big ones for your law firm marketing plan include:

  • Google Places
  • Yahoo Local
  • Bing
  • Yelp
  • Citysearch
  • Avvo

All these listings are free and can greatly increase the chances of a client being able to find your website, phone number and address. If your law firm is already listed, claim it and fill in every bit of information you are able to. If it isn’t, add it! It’s particularly important to maintain the same, consistent information throughout all of these sites when doing Local Search Marketing.

2. Start Blogging!

A key development in law firm marketing plans in the past few years is blogging. You can easily start and maintain a blog for free. The most popular blogging platform, WordPress, can be incorporated into an existing website or used on its own.

Blogs are a way to offer people what they are looking for most on the internet — information. It’s a way to generate interest in your legal practice, draw traffic to your website and move up in Google search rankings.

3) Start A Review Program

When potential clients starts a search for a lawyer in their area, a big factor in making a decision can be what previous clients have said on review websites.

If you don’t know what reviews you’ve been getting on the web, it’s time to find out. Most people more likely to get online to give a bad review than a good one, so it’s time to start prompting clients to get out there and give you that positive feedback! Offer incentives to those who give reviews — coupons, enter a drawing for a prize, etc.

4) Utilize social media

Social media websites aren’t just for kids; they have become a serious tool for growing and marketing business. Any successful law firm marketing plan should include becoming part of the major social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

These networks can do several things for attorneys.

  • Make it easy for clients to share positive feedback.
  • Get your name spread to more people through friends or followers.
  • Quickly and easily share information, such as recent case wins, legal news, etc., with a large and eager audience.

5) Diversify Your Marketing Strategy

Most important of anything you do on the web is this — don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

All of the above tools are great for helping people find providers for the services they need, but these strategies work best in concert with each other. They should combine for an overall law firm marketing plan for the best return on your investment.

To learn more about a personalized internet law firm marketing plan for your practice, contact us today.

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